All the cold facts about the book

• Portrait Format - Dimension 300x240 mm
• 200 gr of the finest Italian paper of the highest quality and clarity
• 152 edge printed pages
• 5 color offset print, with every text printed in silver Pantone
• 72 beautiful images of rare and endangered species
• 8 colorful index pages of the species with all the classifications
• 2 gatefold spreads with 4 snake and 4 lizard portraits
• Animal print embossed hard cover
• Flat-opening Swiss binding

Embossed hard cover

The hard cover is 2.4 mm - 1 in thick and is made of Curious Matter Black Truffle paper that weighs 125gr. The high quality paper has a silky texture of fine sand. The detailed plumage of a feather is embossed on the cover, the title is highlighted in silver hot foil.


High quality offset book

Thanks to their offset print technique, the photographs featured in the book are pixel perfect and full of color! The Cold Instinct book is 100% produced in Italy, and is printed on high gloss paper for the best quality achievable. We chose certified paper, produced exclusively with cellulose fibers from sustainably managed forests. Our suppliers guarantee the usage of 100% FSC® wood. We don't compromise.

Bespoke book binding

The COLD INSTINCT photography book is bound together using a traditional Swiss binding method. This binding technique, allows your book to lay flat when open on a table. This allows the spine to be detached from the cover, leaving the cloth lining intentionally exposed. This makes our books more durable: you can flip through your book as many times as you want, your cover will not get worn-out or damaged!

book-cold instinct

We Love & Respect Animals

The reptiles you see on Cold Instinct were by no means mistreated. None of these beauties were harmed, forcefully handled or leashed during these photoshoots. We love and respect animals and this book is here to celebrate their beauty!

"What makes you different or weird - that is your strength."

Meryl Streep